Directed by: Wojciech Jerzy Has, 1957, 96’

April 13, Thursday, 7 PM

Cinema Nowe Horyzonty
Kazimierza Wielkiego 19a-21

Kuba (Gustaw Holoubek) is an alcoholic, trying to turn his life around. Krystyna (Aleksandra Śląska) is helping him fight his addiction and is meant to take him to a rehab. The only thing that Kuba needs to do is wait for Krystyna to come back from work. It’s not easy for him to sit in the apartment on his own, where the phone is constantly ringing and he has a splitting headache. So he goes out… Based on a story by Marek Hłaska, filmed in Ołbin in Wrocław, the film captures the ghostly city after the war with Maczysław Jahoda’s shots compared in style to the German expressionism. A classic of Polish Film School, one of the most important films of the 50’s that gives you a glimpse into the work of one of the best Polish directors – Wojciech Jerzy Has.

guest: Monika Talarczyk (film theorist)

PhD., an associate professor of film studies at the Film School in Łódź, Film Art Organisation Department , and Art Department of the University of Humanities and Economics in Łódź. Researcher of Polish film history and women’s cinema. Lecturer of New Horizons Cinema’s Film Academies in Wrocław. Author of the book "PRL się śmieje! Polska komedia filmowa 1945-1989" (PRL is laughing! Polish Film Comedy 1945-1989, Warszawa 2007) and books about Polish women directors, such as Wanda Jakubowska, Barbara Sass et al. Polish Film Institute Award Winner in 2014.

city: Wrocław